PROKMAR DF50 is a universal tractor for small and medium-sized farms, orchards and vegetable crops. It also works well as a municipal tractor. What are its main advantages?

Versatility. The 50 hp motor provides a wider range of applications. The gearbox with crawler gears and as many as 24 forward and reverse gears significantly increases the possibilities of using the tractor. It will successfully replace the old and worn-out native Ursus C-360 tractors. Western MF255, Zetory and others.

Traction and grip. The included 4×4 drive gives it better traction in all conditions.

Solidity. Its simple design is characterized by high strength and reliability.

Ease of use. The 100% mechanical construction makes operating the tractor child’s play. The box with a mechanical shuttle facilitates maneuvering and turning.

Cost reduction. The PROKMAR DF50 tractor is cheap to service.

Additional options. The tractor can be equipped with a comfort cab that provides heating and ventilation (air conditioning as an option).
The additional equipment includes, among others, a front three-point hitch, front PTO, pneumatic system I and II-circuit and a front loader.

Guarantee. The tractor has a 12-month warranty provided by us as the Main Importer.

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– brand: PROKMAR
– power: 49 hp at 2400 rpm
(with an option to increase to 59 hp)
– engine: 4 cylinder EURO IIIA, vol. 3260cc
– maximum torque: 183 Nm @ 1800 rpm
– air filter: dry
– drive: 4 x 4 mechanically activated
– gearbox: synchronized with reverse 12+12
(creeper gears 24+24 option)
– PTO: 540/1000 rpm electro-hydraulically engaged
– hydraulic system: 34 l/min, 2 section, 18 MPa
– hydraulic outputs: 2 EURO pcs
– lift capacity: 1400 kg at ends
(910 kg at 610 mm)
– steering: assisted hydrostatic
– braking system: disc wet in oil bath
– length: 3733mm
– width: 1615mm
– height: 2502mm
– clearance: 380mm
– wheelbase: 1880mm
– minimum turning radius: 3700mm
– front tires: 8.3-20 (280/70R18 option)
– rear tires: 12.4-28 (360/70R28 option)
– curb weight: 2135 kg (by COC)

– maximum total weight
towed trailer with brakes

6000 kg with overrun brake
700 kg without brake
– clutch: dry 1-speed 1-disc
– maximum speed: ok. 30 km/h (with creeper gears 0.25-30 km/h)
– fuel consumption: 4 l/mth
– fuel tank: 34L
– cabin: Polish production NAGLAK, ventilated with heating, front and rear LED work lights, front and rear windshield wiper, windshield washer, mirrors external telescopic 2 pcs., gears on the side, reverse at the steering wheel, flat floor, adjustable steering column, radio with speakers and antenna, LED flash, all tilt windows, interior upholstery, soundproofing.
– standard equipment: central screw, bottom hook-strip
– warranty period: 12 months or 500 mth
– options: front weights, rear wheel weights, front mudguards, front three-point linkage, front PTO, front loader, 1 and 2-circuit pneumatic system, adjustable upper transport hitch height, air conditioning.

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